What Can Be Good Quality Wig ?

What Can Be Good Quality Wig ?

Cosplays have been slowly becoming a culture and an art form in itself. And often a key to looking the closest to your favorite character is getting quality cosplay wigs for all the characters you want to be. Since it can be rather difficult to actually dye your hair with bleach, then tone it with that Manic Panic cotton-cloud pink color to look exactly like say, Sakura from Naruto, a good quality wig does the trick much better


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Always check these when looking for a cosplay wig that will last more than once:

  • Heat Resistant: ideally it must resist from 150 to 180 °C degrees.
  • Comes with a ADJUSTABLE wig cap: the caps often come in nets or in a  light nude color, but the less visible, the better. The net must be the same color as the strands itself for a more natural look.
  • Must be thick, never thin: another feature that supports the above. A thin wig not only gets easily tangled, it makes the net or cap more noticeable, making it look fake and weird. Remember: the more Volume, the more REALISM.
  • Must be your head size and match your proportions: people often don’t pay much attention to this, but it is just as important as everything else. There’s nothing more fake that seeing a weirdly placed hairline. Hair placement has its proportions too. Some wig caps are adjustable so they shouldn’t be a problem.Read more : Recomended Wigs for Halloween
  • Always buy it a size bigger than your head shape and a bit longer that what it’s supposed to: this goes especially for short wigs, as sometimes these may come in a size too small, and then it doesn’t look good. Buying it in a bigger cap size and longer allows you to cut it, adjust it and make it fit properly. The reason for this is that most cosplay wigs are of China/Japan origin and they’re originally meant to fit small head sizes, so you have to be careful here.
  • It can be stylized: while it’s not like you can brush the wig as if it were real hair, a soft bristle brush, a thin comb or even a special detangling brush should be enough to handle it. If the hair starts to fall in parts, return it immediately to the supplier you bought it from.
  • The color is as described in the photo when you buy it: this can be rather subjective, but red/pink can be confused, especially if they’re oversaturated. Always ask your supplier to provide pics with different lightning and angles. If you see that the tone is too intense, always opt for a ligthter one to ensure that you get it right, since oversaturated colors can be deceiving.
  • Make sure that it’s not too shiny: as that’s the first sign of a fake-looking wig.

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