Tips To Making Your Boots Longer

Tips To Making Your Boots Longer

Hasil gambar untuk tips boots for womenBoot season is officially in full force and we’re looking for ways to make our favorite footwear last through a long season of rain, sleet and snow. David Mesquita, VP of New York’s famed Leather Spa, shares the best products, tips and tricks needed to keep your boots looking brand new.

  1. Repair salt or snow stains right away.
    Avoid the shoe damage that comes along with the “wintry mix” weather forecast by using a salt stain remover after being out in the snow or salty streets. Apply the remover as soon as possible after contact and let it airdry overnight to fix stains.
  2. For more durability, add a protective rubber sole.
    Mesquita advises that the best thing you can do for your boots during the winter, is to add a thin protective rubber sole to an already existing sole in order to extend the life of your soles. Most shoe repair shops offer the service, which varies in price depending on the shoe, but typically ranges from $34 to $40 for slightly worn or new shoes.
  3. Protect your boots from rain, snow and spills
    A definitive defensive shower to contribute isn’t only a ‘waterproof’ treatment, rather it goes about as an anti-agents against any unforeseen winter climate or spills. Leather Spa Water and Stain Protector ($14.95) deals with cowhide, softened cowhide and texture boots enabling a spill or fluid to sit over material so you can wipe away the stain before it seeps into the shoe. You should splash your boots about once per week, applying the defender a similar way you would apply hairspray.


  4. Moisturize your leather
    Much the same as you have to saturate your skin to battle the icy climate, you likewise need to saturate your cowhide boots frequently to safeguard sparkle and influence the calfskin to last more. Cowhide Spa offers a leather conditioner for under $10 that Mesquita prescribes.
  5. Use leather creams to treat scuffs or color fading.
    An easy fix to a scuff or discoloration is to apply a leather cream with a small brush. Leather Spa offers leather creams ($5.95) in over 25 different colors to match your favorite pair of boots. For more extreme fading, tears or scuffs, bring your boots into a repair shop to have them handle. “When a stronger touch up is needed, we have leather cream products that have more pigmentation—they aren’t sold to customers typically because of the strong fumes.”
  6. Keep boots in shape with boot trees. Uphold the shape of tall boots by storing with a bootshaper. Leather Spa offers an adjustable bootshaper ($19.95) which matches the width and height of your shoe (and its gold hue also makes for a chic display).

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