The Top 5 Wigs For Halloween

The Top 5 Wigs For Halloween

The Halloween commencement has formally started and the chase for that flawless ensemble has without a doubt began for some. In the event that you are yet to choose your search for the spooky season, stop what you’re doing and get ready to be roused. See our rundown of the best 10 Halloween Wigs in view of offers and demands to date. Our 2017 once-over incorporates customary characters with a cutting edge turn and some option diamonds that may very well enchantment up that motivation you’ve been hunting down.

  1. The Nicki Pink Curly Wig

The IT movie remake is responsible for two things: a new wave of Coulrophobia (yes we definitely suffer from this, thanks Stephen King) and likely the most popular costume theme for Halloween 2017. Clowns are back, and as scary as ever.

If you are yearning to embrace the frills, pom-poms and clashing colours of the circus theme but would prefer to swerve the murderous/mutilating look (ie not full on Pennywise) switch it up with a pastel wig and matching makeup.

The Nicki Pink Curly Wig features tight curls and contrasting straight, blunt fringe. It’s uniquely quirky design is the perfect fit for the whimsy and wackiness of the circus.

Pink Curly Clown WigPink Afro Clown Wig

The supremely gifted makeup artists, ‘Art Beauty Chaos’ and ‘Vanity Venom’ paired the Nicki Pink Wig with two of their recent masterpieces. For more mind-blowing makeup looks and tutorials check out the fabulous ArtBeautyChaos on Instagram and the wonderful VanityVenom on YouTube.

2. The Ghostly Madame Wig

Beautifully versatile and ideal for a range of zombie, un-dead and cauldron-loving characters. The extra long grey-white wig measures 39 inches in length and is fully heat resistant. The full and thick hair allows for a whole host of designs and your own unique creation.

Add braids and plaits, use curling tongs to create mid-century ringlets or backcomb away for a messy, disheveled effect. For extra gory looks, apply blood spatters or affix fake body parts (we’re thinking eyeballs and severed fingers would be awesome).

This gloriously malleable wig is the perfect blank canvas for those creative souls among you.

Long White Ghost Costume Wig

3. The Harley Quinn Wig

We are waiting ever so patiently for the Joker and Harley Quinn spinoff that was most definitely promised and are especially excited to see what the costume and hair department has in store for Margot Robbie this time around. In the meantime, for all Suicide Squad fans, Halloween is the perfect excuse to go all super-villain, brush up on your canny comebacks and unbox your (pretend) weapon of choice.

If you’ve been itching to break out those metallic hot pants and fishnets, the instantly recognised Harley Quinn character may be right up your Gotham street.

Her now iconic hairstyle is essential to completing the look and our Harley Quinn Wig is already a best seller. The striking blonde wig has been styled into curly bunches with pink and blue dip dyed ends. The shorter face framing layers can be tucked behind the ear or pulled back into the colour matching hairbands.

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Costume Wig

4. The Kylie Wig

A popular choice during the Halloween season owing to it’s extra long, full and thick jet black layered hair lengths. The Kylie Wig is ideal for any costume that requires a mass of dark coloured tresses. Another fully heat resistant design that can withstand temperatures up to 200C, giving you the ability to create any style you wish.

From leopards to witches and superheroes to vampires, the 30 inch long wig is a fabulously versatile piece for divas and demons alike.

Long Black Witch Wig

The stunning Cassie Wells is a bewitching beauty and a real-life Wonder Woman in the Kylie Wig. Follow her fantasy-filled Instagram to see more of her sublime makeup designs.

5. The Silver Lauren Wig

The silver hair trend is picking up steam again as we head into Autumn and this alluring hair colour has already transcended into the costume arena.

With it’s suggestion of magic and mystery, the divine Silver Lauren Wig paired with some effective makeup can truly bring a costume to life. Think Black Swan ballerinas, fallen angels and sinister fairies. Pair with dark contact lenses for added drama.

The heat friendly wig can be tonged, flat-ironed and styled with ease and measures 24 inches long.

Long Silver Wavy WigLong Silver Fashion Wig

The spectacular Imogen Hearts coordinated the Silver Lauren Wig with her gloriously grisly Halloween look. Follow her popular Instagram makeup feed here.



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