The-Knee Boots Will Always Be A Cold Weather Staple

The-Knee Boots Will Always Be A Cold Weather Staple

Every year, magazines, online journals and sites accumulate their “Must Have” fall and winter form things and consistently, you’ll find over-the-knee boots on that rundown. It never comes up short! Boots are a cool climate should as far as form, yet finished the-knees boots are one specific style that is established in design records for this season. Furthermore, it’s for a justifiable reason, as well! Over-the-knee boots are fashionistas go to footwear when the leaves begin to turn lovely fall hues and winter’s chill begins to crawl up upon us. Furthermore, it doesn’t make a difference where you live; finished the-boots are an all inclusive pattern and here’s the reason they’re an icy climate staple:

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  1. Over-the-knee boots keep you warm

A major reason why these particular boots are so popular during this time of year is because they’re long enough to keep your bottom half warm! Regular boots only go so far up your calf, but these boots go well past your knee (and even your thigh if you opt for thigh-high boots), covering more of your legs to keep you warm when the weather starts to get colder. And wearing them with tights, leggings or jeans under will add to their warmth!

  1. They’re stylish as hell

There’s no denying that over-the-knee boots are very stylish. Whether you go with over-the-knee heeled boots or flat ones, they both really make an outfit. Flat options are great everyday options, while heeled ones are sexy and can easily take you from a day to night look! Something as simple and basic as a tee and jeans really stands out when you add some over-the-knee boots! An everyday look is now elevated with much more style simply because of the type of footwear, which is why they’re always on fashion lists for fall and winter.

3. Pair with leggings or skinny jeans

This look is the most convenient and easiest to pull off (not to mention really comfy!). But if you really want to elevate the look, go with leather or “liquid” leggings to add some edge to the look. But if you do choose to go with skinny jeans, make sure they fit comfortably inside the boot!


4. Mini skirts and dresses

When wearing over-the-knee boots with mini skirts or dresses, you want to stay away from looking like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.” This look can be fun and flirty when done right, which translates to making sure your outfit is balanced by not wearing anything too revealing, which can cheapen the look. An on-trend sweater, mini skirt and over-the-knee boots make for a great colder season outfit!

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