Surprisingly Practical Shoes Spotted At New York Fashion Week

Surprisingly Practical Shoes Spotted At New York Fashion Week
In case you somehow hadn’t heard, New York Fashion Week was cold mind-numbingly freezing. And still, it was painful to see how many street style hopefuls sported open-toed heels and sandals solely in the name of fashion. (Seriously, is a photograph worth frostbite? We think not).
On the other hand, though, a majority of show-goers took a more (surprisingly) practical route — and we’re not talking about snow boots or wellies. But we do consider the selection of block heels, ankle booties, and fun sneakers a step ahead in the right direction — and the sock/stiletto combinations aren’t too far behind, either. Click on to see the kicks from #NYFW that erred on the practical side, and please excuse us while we continue to thaw for the next three days.
  1.  It’s a good thing the thigh-high boot is still a popular silhouette since they’re about the only thing protecting this wearer’s legs from the bitter winds.

  2. Trade in black boots for a pair of metallic ones.

  3. Florals for our feet? We’re loving it.


  4. This is probably what was meant by “boots with the fur.”

  5. Make a statement with a super-pointy toe and rounded heel.

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