Keep Your Feet Dry Yet Trendy

Keep Your Feet Dry Yet Trendy

Cooling effect in the weather condition is one of the important benefits of rainy season. Since every season has its advantage as well as disadvantages, raining season with a negative thought would bring many negative effects. Since this season brings water and mud with people moving out from home, affecting your feet will be one of the important issues. There must be some precautionary measures through which you can avoid various mishaps as well as negative elements in the rainy season. Along with your skin and health, your feet must also be considered for care during rainy season.

There are a great deal of blustery shoes accessible today in a wide range of hues which you can look over to add a sprinkle to your outfit, influencing you to emerge in the midst of the mass of blacks and tans. Blending these up with a scarf or a purse of a similar shading can look exceptionally chic.

  1. Trendy T-Straps
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    These colourful and comfortable sandals let your feet breathe and look good with whatever you wear them with! You can pair them with jeans, shorts, dresses or even a salwar kameez!
  2. Jelly Sandals
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    Flip flops are a thing of the past! Jelly sandals are the latest rage. What’s more, you can choose from a wide variety of styles


  3. Gum boots
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    Gum boots are the safest option and keep you the driest. Grey and black gum boots are a thing of the past! Today, they are available in the funkiest colours; you can pair them up with a skirt, jeans or shorts and keep up with the latest fashion trends.
  4. Slip-On
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    Heading out for a party but don’t want your stilettos to get spoilt? Just get the slip-on rubber protectors and you are good to go! These will save your shoes from getting dirty in the mud and you can just remove them when you get to your destination.

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