Katy Perry Wears Her Wig

Katy Perry Wears Her Wig

Blonde, red, purple: We’ve seen just about every colored wig on Katy Perry. But at last night’s Met Gala in New York City, the “Firework” singer went with a wavy-textured crop with subdued brunette hue.

Perry had several options to choose from and even snapped a pic (below) of her wig collection for Instagram. She asked her adherents, “Who should I be today?” It seems as though she selected “the Kris Jenner.”


Only half a month back Perry prodded a smiliar look on Instagram and implied that the style may have been propelled by Kim Kardashian’s mother by writing in the photograph’s subtitle that she “requested the Kris Jenner.” No issue who enlivened the wig, we’re cheerful to see that this one at long last made it to celebrity main street.

Gambar terkait

Perry’s hair pro for the evening at the Met Ball, Garren, shared a few tips for properly styling the wig. First he made sure the hair was thoroughly clean with Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner ($29; randco.com). He then prepped strands, from roots to ends, with Chiffon Styling Mousse ($27; randco.com). To achieve Perry’s wave pattern in the front, he used clips to sculpt the texture and then a diffuser on the strands. Once the hair was dry, Garren applied Tinsel Smoothing Oil ($24; randco.com) for a sleek shiny finish.

Not quite ready for the cut in real life? Find out exactly how you would look in a pixie via our Hollywood Makeover Tool.

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