How to keep Wearing Your Summer Clothes in Autumn

How to keep Wearing Your Summer Clothes in Autumn

In the same way that our work and evening wardrobes are becoming less divided (because who has the time to change outfits before heading out from the office?), clothes that can be reworked from season to season are also becoming increasingly popular.

We’re not denying that some things are seasonal, like say, a faux fur coat or a pair of over-the-knee boots, but a large portion of our wardrobe has the potential to bridge the divides. You just need to know how to rework it.

Here are 3 wardrobe hacks that will allow you to keep wearing your summer clothes in autumn.

  1. Counterbalance short hemlines with long outerwear

    gala gonzales
    If you’re someone with a penchant for mini dresses and skirts, you’ll know that some styles just do look better with bare legs. This is especially true of black pieces, which when worn with tights can be a bit underwhelming. And while going sans hosiery throws up problems of its own (you’ve got nothing to arm you against the October chill, for one) there are ways to combat these issues. Topping your outfit with an ankle-length coat will allow you to keep wearing shorter hemlines through autumn, and look chic while you’re doing it.






2.  Seize every opportunity to wear sunglasses

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Statement sunnies really were everywhere this summer. From colourful cat-eyed frames, to retro aviator styles and oversize visor-esque shapes. Far from being an afterthought, sunglasses now constitute a sartorial focal point. So it seems a little sad to allow these quirky shades to sit on a shelf gathering dust over the coming months.

Give them an outing whenever you can, be it for a crisp day dwindled away in a pub garden, or a bracing walk in the park. Pairing them with with a woolly hat, chunky polo neck or an XL scarf will ensure you look suitably autumnal.







3. Rework white jeans

coco rocha 

We often associate white denim with warmer months, which probably has a lot to do with practicality. But, if you opt for a cropped style (both to prevent them from trailing along the wet, grubby pavement andbecause these are more flattering than longer styles), and swap your sneakers or mules for a pair of ankle boots, white or ivory denim is a great option for autumn.

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